Sunday, February 27, 2011

God is working

So Brandon and I went to our bank yesterday to set up an account specifically for fundraising purposes. We sat in the woman's office and the conversation goes something like this:

Us: "Hi! We would like to open an account."
Her: "Great, what kind of account would you like?"
Us: "We're not quite sure, maybe you can help us. We're adopting..."
Her: "You are?! From where??"
Us: "Ethiopia."
Her: *rummaging through her drawers, pulling out a picture* "THIS is my daughter."

We currently live in Wentzville, Missouri with the population of about 25,000-30,000 (around 90% white). Since we moved in June, we have met only one family who has adopted internationally. But here, in our bank, we are now sitting down with what we think has to be the ONLY person for miles and miles around who has adopted a daughter from ETHIOPIA... and they are in the process of adopting again.


We got to talking and she mentions that she lives in Troy, the town I teach in (which is around a third of the size of Wentzville), and there they are very good friends with another couple who has ALSO recently adopted from ETHIOPIA.


Then, a little while later, the other family that she mentioned happens to stop by the bank, and we were able to meet them and their children.

God is good.

We exchanged contact information, and I'm very excited about everything. :)

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